The Professional Muslims Institute was set up to develop leadership capacity amongst professional Muslims and was launched at a prestigious event at the House of Lords on Friday 26 March 2010. Over the last ten years the PMI hosted some of the most influential Muslims and joined by top lawyers, bankers, politicians, Peers, politicians and other successful role models from the business and professional world.

By joining the Professional Muslims Institute network, the professionals of today and tomorrow will be part of society’s solutions.

  • P olitically influential
  • R eligiously profound
  • E ducationally excellent
  • C ulturally vibrant
  • I ntellectually knowledgeable
  • S ocially progressive
  • E conomically dynamic


The Influential 100 is an initiative of Professional Muslim Institute(PMI) established to recognise 100 influential British Muslim leaders and their positive contributions to British society. Their achievements will be celebrated at an inaugural dinner joined by over 1000 professionals, entrepreneurs and international figures.

The contribution of British Muslims to the UK is immense. Muslims have been part of the British fabric since the 19th century and have been contributing significantly in a variety of fields. British Muslims contribute over £31 billion to the UK economy and wield a spending power of £20.5 billion. There are over 10,000 British Muslim millionaires with liquid assets of £3.6 billion and at least 15 British Muslims have been listed in the Sunday Times Rich List.

Recent tragedies, Islamophobia and anti-Muslim rhetoric in British society has added momentum to the ‘Influential 100’ in bringing the contribution of British Muslims to the forefront. Community service and entrepreneurship are key tenets of the Islamic living as evidenced by Muslim achievements in different walks of life.

The Influential 100 aims to celebrate the work of successful British Muslims who contribute to the prosperity of Britain and have become an integral part of British life, leading from the front. The Influential 100’s aim is to:

  • Publish a list of 100 influential Muslims, recognising professional, entrepreneurship and community excellence.
  • Establish an Influential 100 Mentorship programme to help a new generation of British Muslims break the glass ceiling and build a culture of excellence.
  • Hold an annual Influential 100 Gala Award Dinner that weaves together the inspirational journeys of people who are committed to excellence, service and charity and above all identifying and supporting the development of talent.